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Challenging Behaviour

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   Our challenging behaviour course enables you to have an awareness and understanding of the reasons why a person may present challenging behaviour. We share ways of assessing what behaviour is being presented though to writing behaviour support programmes and teaching replacement skills. We explore a range of tactics , methods and approaches to support the person, that can reduce challenging behaviour with short and long term strategies.


   Our course is designed to pass our knowledge to you and your staff with an aim of managing situations safely and reducing stress and anxiety for all involved.


  Where possible we set the content of the course to the age range that the participants would be supporting. From children in nurseries, day care, child minding, schools, teenage young people to adults to care homes, we will work with you prior to the course to try and ensure we cover what you need to know.  We can also work with you to explore ways of assessing and writing strategies for people with additional needs / learning disabilities, and those with specialist communication systems who may also present challenging behaviour.

   We commonly find that staff comment that by attending training Challenging behaviour trainingseparately they feel that their approaches are different. This is why we at One to One Support Services can deliver the course at your location. All your team receives the same understanding and a consistent team approach to managing challenging behaviour is developed.  The team has the same shared knowledge to support each other and those they are working with.


 Topics of course range across:-

  • Definitions of challenging behaviour.

  • Types of challenging behaviour.

  • Impact of challenging behaviour.One to one training egg

  • External and internal influences on behaviour.

  • Assessing behaviour.

  • Teaching replacement skills.

  • Supporting staff and reducing stress.

  • Factors relating to causes of challenging behaviour.

  • Results and outcomes of challenging behaviour.

  • Identify a range of behaviours . Desirable and undesirable.

  • respond to scenario based questions and situations about the possible function of behaviour and how its managed.

  • Identify values to your approach in managing behaviour.

  • Considerations , short and long term strategies.

  • Positive strategies to encourage positive behaviour in your setting

  • Behaviour support planning.


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