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Early Years Management Training

  Click here for more information about early years management tips

      In today's busy work climate there often isn't time and funding to attend and obtain long term management courses and qualifications. Courses in management are not generally designed with an early years focus or understanding of the complex roles of early years managers.

    Our Early Years Management Course is designed to support frontline practitioners and managers delivering services directly to children and young people.

    In addition to the common core of knowledge and skills in the field of early years; managers will need to have skills in being efficient, effective and multi-tasking many areas responsibility for the day to day running of the setting and services. The need to meet tight budgets, minimal thresholds for staffing and delivering quality services that meet the needs of individuals is not easy job!  Managing services in a business manner is now a requirement to be successful.

    Our course can support you with new skills and ideas in a business approach with a child care / services focus.

   Some examples of how the course may help -    Creating and reaching your vision- Strategic Planning- Settings generally focus on the day to day running of the service. We will share ways of looking at your setting with a long term plan.

     Leading your staff to work as a team, communicating and sharing your vision and managing staff with the correct support systems. From recruitment and selection, probations and appraisals. We will share with you what you need in a staff supervision, personnel file. How to hold effective supervision sessions. Agendas for staff meetings to ensure all the areas you need to address are covered from both a practical day to day to long term planning. We show you how to empower others to act and take responsibility.

     Continuous improvements in your settings through total quality assurance management systems and procedures to ensure all yours and your teams areas of responsibility and tasks are done within the given time schedules you need to meet: giving you time to develop your services further for success. Analysing the tasks that need to be done, recognising the skills and expertise within your team. and sharing the  responsibilities.

   We will enable you to change current practises that take time from your busy schedule to enable short and long term wins.

   Our Early Years Management training covers all the management topics that a manager would need to know to run an efficient early years setting / service. They are invaluable to anyone wanting to gain or improve their management skills in early years. Be that deputies , managers or new people coming into the business. Our course will enable you to examine your setting and make it run to its full potential from a management and business perspective.

    We believe our course to be beneficial to the following settings:-

Day care  - Nursery - Children centres - After school clubs - Pre-school clubs- Holiday Clubs - Youth Clubs

     The days are split in to the following areas of business  :-

Day One  -  Operational Management and strategic planning

Day Two - Human Resource Management

Day Three - Quality Assurance

Day Four - Marketing and Recourses

Day Five - Health & Safety ,IT, Data Protection and the Environment.

Our Early Years Management course is made up of five days. Each day can be taken as a individual course if it is only certain skills you are looking to improve.


Topics covered by the days include.

  • Hierarchy and roles

  • General paperwork and administration

  • Pro forma

  • Policy work

  • Communication

  • Stake Holders

  • Operational Plans

  • Recruitment And selection

  • Induction

  • Probation

  • Supervision

  • Different setup and files for supervision and personnel

  • Appraisal

  • Staff handbooks

  • Discipline and Grievance

  • Quality Assurance for staffing

  • Quality Assurance for operational services

  • New child procedures

  • New Staff support

  • Service Questionnaires

  • Self assessment systems

  • QA tools

  • Investigations

  • Staff meetings - checklists

  • Concerns , compliments and complaints

  • Branding

  • Brand marketing

  • Promotional activities

  • Marketing planning

  • Marketing database

  • Literature and information

  • Service information /Prospectus

  • Risk assessing

  • Environmental Checks

  • Security of information and the building /Environment

  • Staff files and information

  • Children's files and information

  • Guidance on person held records


To book a course or to find out more information please fill in out training contact form.  To go to our contact form, click here . Or call 01246 200018 and ask to speak to Rachel or Sasha.


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